How to validate demand for any E-commerce product

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Nothing is more discouraging than devoting time and effort to developing a product that you believe will be popular only to discover that no one is interested to buy it once it is launched.

My experience has shown us that there are a variety of effective techniques to validate whether or not you’re selling something people desire, considering the fact that it took a lot of trial and error.

If you’re just getting started, here are a few tools for validating your product idea:

  1. KWFinder: You will find the websites that are ranking for your product keywords to see why and how they’re the top search result.

2. Google Trends: lookup macro trends around any specific topic.

3. Junglescout: You can find sales volume for any product on Amazon.

4. Alexa Similar Sites: You will find your competition by using a similar site search. Type in an industry leader and it will show its competitors.

5. Import Genius: look at import records for everything coming into the country.

6. Facebook Ad Library: lookup ads that are running on Facebook or IG for any brand.

7. Shopify Receipts: Buy a product from your competitor and look at the # on the receipt. All Shopify stores start at 1,000, so you can see how many orders have been placed.

8. SEMrush: Find the keywords your competition is ranking for.

9. Google Alerts: Stay notified about your competition and when they’re mentioned online.

10. Amazon Movers and Shakers: You can identify the biggest gainers in sales rank compared to twenty-four hours ago.

11. Tiktok Creative Center: Discover the best performing auction ads on TikTok. Bonus: search #tiktokmademebuyit on Tik-Tok.




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