Women of Crypto NFT Launch the Women of Crypto App: offering Web 3 Education, News, and Social Networking

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The mobile app was launched in June 2022 by Women of Crypto NFT, a collection of 8,888 3D female avatar NFTs which sold-out in early February of 2022. As part of their mission, Women of Crypto aim to expand education and opportunities for women in the web 3 space.

Women of Crypto NFT is proud to announce the launch of the Women of Crypto App which is now available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. Women of Crypto is a collection of 8,888 3D avatar NFTs founded by Amy Matsushima in February 2022. Since the collection’s launch success, the team behind Women of Crypto have been focused on increasing education and opportunities for women in web 3. As we enter another tumultuous time for the crypto world, it is even more important to share information, education, and opportunities amongst all women who are interested in the space.

The Women of Crypto App (WoC App) is a platform built for women in the Web 3 space. Users can enjoy their feed, explore employment opportunities, find educational content curated for our community, and connect with other women in web 3.

The app’s social networking functions allow users to create posts, like, comment, and repost with others in the community. The WoC App invites users to share their NFTs and thoughts on upcoming projects, and make it easier for people in the community to connect with one another. Users can build their profiles and follow others. And as we touched on briefly before, one of the most exciting parts of the WOC app is its Job Board where web 3 builders can connect with talent who are seeking new opportunities in the space.

The WoC app was built thanks to the community of Women of Crypto NFT holders, and we are excited to share the platform with all those seeking education and connection within the space!



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